Festival of The Spoken Nerd- Just For Graphs 25/10/15


It was with some trepidation that I took my seat at The Lowry for FOTSN’s latest show. You wouldn’t expect a show about charts, plots and diagrams to involve any risk of personal harm but when the woman checking my ticket on the way in immediately said “Ooooh your on the front row” in much the same way that someone would say “Oooh your cars just been crushed by a steam roller” you do start to wonder. “Yes” I said. “I’ll give them a wave”, “Oh they’ll have you doing more than that” was her final warning. Given Steve Moulds love of combustion I was wondering whether I should have dressed in a fire blanket as I took my seat.

As it turned out the audience participation involved turning the front row into a human amplifier cable. Apparently the amount of water in the human body made us a great conductor for the electrical signal from Helen Arney’s Ipod via the cable held by one end of the row to the cable held by the other end leading to the speaker. Thankfully as someone with OCD the most dangerous part was holding the hands of the people either side of me (no offence if you were one of them).

But fear not, there was plenty of fire for Steve Mould’s fellow pyromanics. The Rubens Tube had flames dancing to music and even Matt Parker got in on the act with his flaming tennis balls. If that wasn’t enough Helen Arney gave us a touch of the West End with her own unique take on one of Wicked’s biggest numbers.

Any die-hard fans missing the OHP were not disappointed either thanks to Back to The Future inspiring Matt Parker to create, possibly the first, portable fax machine, that was put to full use during the intermission with audience members faxing over jokes, graphs and the occasional rabbit.

As always FOTSN turned what most would think of as a geek interest into an exciting, informative and most of all fun show that Nerds, Not Nerds and Schrödinger’s Nerds alike would enjoy.

So if you know anyone that thinks charts, plots and diagrams are just boring get them to this show while there’s still some tickets left and convert them to the Nerd side.


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