Space Lectures – Jim Lovell 1/11/15

A school hall in Pontefract isn’t where you would normally expect to encounter a NASA legend, played on the big screen by Tom Hanks, but for the past several years Space Lectures have brought some of the biggest names in space history to this unlikely venue. The latest speaker was Capt Jim Lovell, probably most famous for leading the Apollo 13 mission. Such was the demand for an audience with Capt Lovell that an extra date was added to the schedule and despite his 87 years he showed plenty of energy during the extra day of photo sessions, lecture and … Continue reading Space Lectures – Jim Lovell 1/11/15

Festival of The Spoken Nerd- Just For Graphs 25/10/15

It was with some trepidation that I took my seat at The Lowry for FOTSN’s latest show. You wouldn’t expect a show about charts, plots and diagrams to involve any risk of personal harm but when the woman checking my ticket on the way in immediately said “Ooooh your on the front row” in much the same way that someone would say “Oooh your cars just been crushed by a steam roller” you do start to wonder. “Yes” I said. “I’ll give them a wave”, “Oh they’ll have you doing more than that” was her final warning. Given Steve Moulds … Continue reading Festival of The Spoken Nerd- Just For Graphs 25/10/15